Dog Food Recipes for Boston Terrier

Published: 21st May 2010
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We have taken great interest in feeding our Bostons and we have tried many different dog foods over the years. Very often, we will find a food we like, only to have the company bought out by a large company who cheapens the food by changing the ingredients and the dogs no longer do well on it. Such was our experience with the Iams company. We used their Eukanuba Adult Premium Performance food for a number of years while we were no longer able to find Nutro in our area (we originally used Nutro). Proctor and Gamble bought the Iams company (who makes Eukanuba) and the food stayed the same - for a year - then it no longer looked or smelled the same. My dogs started to lose weight and their coats were no longer shiny. I found stiff pieces of what looked like fingernails sticking out of the kibble - so sharp, they would cut my fingers! I thought "what is this doing to the stomachs of my dogs??" So, we sought out a source for our old favorite Nutro's Natural Choice High Energy, and my dogs began eating it again - it was finally available in our area again!

dry dog food

If you still want to use commercial dog food despite all the horrors of them, here are some companies. Your dogs will poop A LOT MORE ON THEM as opposed to cooking or raw!! Try and find a company who manufactures their OWN FOOD and does not contract out to others. This is rare these days. Look for foods that have NO GRAINS in them.

Champion Pet Foods They make Acana and Orijen foods, and they tout their high quality, locally obtained ingredients. They use 75% meat and 25% fruits and vegetables with no grain (Orijen and certain varieties of Acana) and they contain very low carbs. Their foods are distributed AND manufactured by them (a Canadian company in Alberta, available in some areas of the US and online). This food did look very promising, however they had a recall from oversized salmon bones in the foods, see picture of kibble found in a bag of their puppy food (I found it here so can vouch for it coming from Orijen) Still, assuming they have ironed out the problems by now, it is the only dry food I recommend. I have spoken to the owners a few times and they seem like pretty decent people wanting to do a good job. They will have dark blackish tarry stools on it just so you know.

Taste Of The Wild Grain-free dry foods include roasted and/or smoked Bison, lamb, chicken, duck, quail and venison as protein sources, depending upon the formula. They have two 32/18 formulas and their fish formula is 25/15. Made by Diamond Pet Food who has been involved with recalls.

Merrick Dog Foods They say they manufacture their OWN FOODS IN THEIR OWN FAMILY-OWNED PLANT. They have not been involved in any of the recalls thus far. They are not high in protein and fat for the most part except for the Puppy Plate. Canned varieties also, however, some people have had bad experiences:

Fromm Family Pet Foods Owned and operated by the 4th generation Fromm family from Wisconsin. Fromm began making premium pet food in 1949. In the 1930's they introduced the first distemper vaccine. Check out all of the "Four Star" varieties and the Puppy Gold. I have used the Salmon A La Veg, Puppy Gold and Chicken A La Veg and they weren't bad. The food also looks pretty clean. They say all canned food is 100% human grade, hand-packed in a human food facility - but I wasn't too impressed by their canned foods...I have recently heard that their canning takes place in China as well as the US - you would need to verify this with the company.

The Honest Kitchen - dehydrated diets. I cannot imagine feeding only this to a dog even though they say you can - it's a green slurry when you re-hydrate it. The banana chips stay hard when soaked and the dogs can choke on them. They advertise it as "dehydrated RAW" but food normally starts out raw before it is dehydrated. Dehydrating it does not leave you with a raw product, it leaves you with a cooked one. So calling it raw is really not accurate. BUT, it's not a bad food for supplementing cooked diets with (1 TB per cup of food) as it adds some meat, veggies and fruits in a way that's simple to prepare. Just make sure you remove the banana chips before rehydrating it. I have used their Embark formula successfully as an adjunct to my home cooking.

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